DRH Ministries

Dennis R. Hebert Ministries is a world wide ministry on a mission to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by touching lives with the love of our Lord and Savior. DRH Ministries desires to empower God’s people educationally, socially and spiritually by preaching and teaching the Good News of Savior Jesus Christ. We endeavor to make a tangible difference in the lives of hurting people throughout the entire earth.

DRH Discussions

DRH Ministries features an article submitted by our President & Founder, Dennis R. Hebert, Jr.

This month’s focus is the book release – A Champion’s MENtality: A Blueprint for Kingdom Manhood.

A Champion’s MENtality speaks to the CHAMPION that lies dormant on the inside of every man. A Champion’s MENtality: A Blueprint for Kingdom Manhood will ignite a passion in the heart of every father, husband, son, brother and uncle to rise up and live a more fulfilled life. This book is written with conviction and a sincere passion to help guide men through the process it takes to live up to their full potential.

Our Mission

Dennis R. Hebert Ministries is a non-profit organization empowering men and women to fulfill purpose and reach their destiny. OUR MISSION is to become an oasis of hope in the community by promoting and providing outreach programs with an intentional emphasis on:


Program Initiatives

Education Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship

The purpose of this outreach program sect is to award deserving college students with funds to help supplement the financial obligations of college students (tuition, books, etc.). The scholarship program is designed to develop a divine group of twenty-first century leaders.

Life Skills Welcome to Manhood / Diva Society

To educate, instruct, empower and expose young men and women on the HOW-TO’s of fulfilling their visions and dreams. Our goal is to provide innovative leadership workshops, training, seminars, rap-sessions and field trips to discuss relevant topics such as: Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Leadership Development, Character Building, Etiquette, Abstinence, Making Wise Decisions, Career Choices, Financial Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Etiquette and more real life issues that affect young men and women.

Leadership Elev8 Lunch Club

The purpose of this Lunch Club outreach sect is to provide various mentoring opportunities for high school teenage men and teenage girls to engage daily in impactful dialog and interactions with mature, gifted and role model men and women in the community. This club endeavors to help provide teens with the tools that they need to live a successful life.

Spiritual Empowerment Ministry Product

DRH Ministries will leverage the preaching and teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ to empower individuals to overcome life circumstances and to live a victorious life. This core objective will be accomplished by leveraging sermon CDs, DVDs, books and podcasts.


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